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  • 12 Best Textbook Rental Sites

    04/22/2024 01:23 PM

    College is expensive, and needing new textbooks each semester adds to the financial pain.  A College Board survey estimates the average student spends $1,240 on textbooks and supplies each academic year.  Thankfully, renting textbooks is an easy way to save money in college. Let’s face it; you only need to keep a few books for...

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  • 19 Places to Buy Cheap Furniture

    04/22/2024 01:10 PM

    Looking for where to buy cheap furniture? Look no further. It can be expensive to furnish your home or apartment, yet affordable furniture stores do exist. If you know where to look, you can get great furniture pieces at low prices, no matter what your style. Check out these affordable furniture stores to help you...

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  • 18 Cheap Mobile WiFi Hotspot Plans

    04/22/2024 12:57 PM

    Do you want Internet access anywhere you go without draining your cell phone data plan?  A cheap mobile WiFi hotspot plan can connect your tech devices to the Internet. So it’s possible to get fast 4G LTE mobile WiFi connection speeds almost anywhere in the United States. That’s fast enough for online streaming plans and...

    The post 18 Cheap Mobile WiFi Hotspot Plans appeared first on The Coupon Project.


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